Samsung restoring local search on the international Galaxy S III with another update

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After accidentally rolling out a software patch that removed the ability to perform a local search on the internal Samsung Galaxy S III, Samsung quickly rectified the issue.  Just a few days ago, Samsung rolled out an OTA update that served as a stability patch, but really removed the ability to search locally stored data.  Apple has been in patent wars with Samsung in America over the ability to search locally, but Samsung thought it extended to devices in Europe as well.

Fortunately, this morning, Samsung issued another software update which reinstalled the ability to search your local hard drive on your Galaxy S III.  It’s nice to see Samsung admit it made a mistake and then offer a solution within days.  Samsung Galaxy S III owners overseas should now have another software update waiting for installation and it will simply bring back what was taken away just three days ago.

Via [AndroidCentral]

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