Radio Shack announces the HTC One X (for AT&T) price drop, $99.99 beginning on July 29th

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We saw the rumor and then later the confirmation from AT&T — they have since lowered the price of the HTC One X to $99.99. And well, it looks like Radio Shack will also be dropping the price of the One X. The folks at Radio Shack have recently confirmed the price drop with us here at GadgeTell — the one catch, the lower price does not go into effect with Radio Shack until July 29th.

Beginning on the 29th, Radio Shack will have the HTC One X available for $99.99 on a two-year agreement. The one perk that you will get with Radio Shack though, they are offering it in conjunction with their $30 – $300 Trade & Save Promotion. According to Radio Shack;

“This means any customer who trades in a phone in working condition and purchases a new postpaid handset with a new or upgraded two-year agreement will receive a minimum of $30, and up to $300 for their traded-in device.”

And for those wondering the timeline, this Trade & Save Promotion will be in effect until August 11th.

Via [Radio Shack]

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