Google+ sees 66% growth in 9 months

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The lastest comScore number are out and according to the stats, Google+ has seen an impressive growth sprout over the last 9 months. Those stats are confirmed by other sources, but must taken with a grain of salt since they aren’t official numbers directly from Google. Morten Myrstad, a self-titled Brand & Content Professional mentions via a Google+ post:

In pure numbers, Google+ according to comScore grew from 66,7 million visitors worldwide last November to 110,7 million visitors in June. This is a growth of 66%. With 110,7 million unique visitors during a month, from desktops only, the comScore data also seem to confirm Google’s own published data: 250 million accounts, 150 million monthly users and 75 million daily users worldwide. According to the comScore data, 25% of the Google+ worldwide visitors in June came from the U.S., up from 22,8% in November last year.

In the same period of time, Facebook’s stats seem to have decreased, from 166 million unique views to 158 million views, but Facebook’s engagement metric is probably maagnitudes larger than Google+’s. While Google+’s number seem to grow, one has to wonder what kind of real market penetration Montain View’s forray into social networking really has.

Via [The Verge] and [Morten Myrstad]

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