Microsoft Wedge Mobile Keyboard announced, will be priced at $79.95 and is expected “soon”

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Microsoft has officially announced their latest tablet accessory, the Wedge Mobile Keyboard. First things first, this accessory is going to be priced at $79.95, however it is not yet available for purchase. At this time, Microsoft has simply stated that the Wedge Mobile Keyboard will be available “soon.” But that bit aside, the good news here is that this will be compatible not only with Microsoft made Windows-tablets, but all Windows tablets. As you can see from the above image, the Wedge Mobile Keyboard is a keyboard and tablet stand — the key part here, the tablet stand is actually the cover of the keyboard. In terms of features aside from the cover doubling as a stand — the Wedge Mobile Keyboard runs on two AAA batteries and has the expected goodies — Windows friendly hot keys to include easy access to the Charms Bar. Additionally, the cover will turn the keyboard off when placed on. And lastly, the keyboard will work with Windows 8, RT, 7 and even Mac OS X if you so desire.

Via [Engadget]

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