Asus 810, a tablet with Windows Phone 8 passes through the FCC

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Just a quick note to tell you all that Asus might be coming out with another Windows 8 tablet as the Asus 810 tablet was spotted gracing the FCC. Unfortunately, the FCC filing for said tablet with the markings TFC810 C reveals nothing much about the specs and features of the device. Well, except for the fact that it will be an 11.6-inch slate with Wi-Fi and NFC. Aside from those two features, there’s nothing else that we can find from the FCC documents. But granting that most new tablets that pass through the FCC have a higher chance of getting released to the US market, we have no choice then but to wait for Asus to bring this Windows 8 tablet out. Hopefully, just before the Microsoft Windows Surface comes out sometime in October. At least if Asus wants to earn the title to bring out an Intel-based Windows 8 tablet before Microsoft does.

Via [FCC] and [Engadget]

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