It appears as if Google is building up to multi-user support with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean

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While we would obviously feel better had these details come directly from Google, it does appear as if multi-user support is coming to Android. In fact, after reading through the evidence that was broken down by the folks at Android Police, it seems that it is more a matter of when as opposed to if. But while we feel confident that this is at least something that Google is working on, nothing is official until it happens. That being said, if you are simply hoping that this feature arrives for Android users — sit back and wait. If you are in the category where you need to see the evidence — you should follow the via link at the bottom of this post and get to reading. Well, that or fire up your read later app and set this for reading when you have proper time to devote. Just to give an idea of what you will be looking at, Android Police has details going all the way back to April of 2011 and have stated that in their “very-much-non-expert-opinion” — lock screens, installed applications, running applications, application data, default applications, home screen widgets, accounts, syncing, and language have all been separated for multiple user accounts. Sounds good, and for me — this means I will finally be able to set an account just for the kids.

Via [Android Police]

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