Verizon Wireless will shut down the remaining Alltel data network beginning in January 2013

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It is looking like Verizon Wireless will be shutting down the Alltel data network beginning in the early part of next year. The details are coming by way of letters that are reportedly making their way into Alltel customers hands. According to the details provided in the letter, Verizon is retiring the Alltel data network and the end will officially come in April 2013. More specifically, the letter states that;

“To allow us to operate more efficiently and provide your company with the best service possible, we will be retiring the Alltel data network and moving to one network for all data users as early as January 2013.

A recent review of your account shows that your company is using Alltel device(s) that are running on the Alltel data network. Once the Alltel network is retired, your can still use your Alltel basic phone(s) for making calls and text messaging, but any data features like Internet, apps, multimedia/picture messaging, email and ringback tones will no longer work.”

Simply put, if you are still using an Alltel device for data purposes, it may be time to at least begin to think about moving to a Verizon capable device. Of course, we suspect that some will push things as long as they can and that being the case, enjoy your (approx) 6 months before you have to get a new phone.

Via [Droid-Life]

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