Tweet Lanes gets a “buttery” update

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Tweet Lanes has gotten another beta update. This brings Tweet Lanes to version 0.5.7. This update has been described as a Project Butter release which is designed to make the app run a lot smoother. Tweet Lanes was already pretty smooth to begin with, but it’s noticeably zippier now.

The improved navigation speed comes at a cost. The image loading speed had to be decreased in order to make the app faster. Developer Chris Lacy is currently working on a way to make Tweet Lanes faster without sacrificing image loading.

This update also brings improved tablet support. By default, Tweet Lanes is not as wide as it was before. The purpose of this is to reduce the distance your eyes have to travel when reading tweets. You can disable this look in the settings menu if you like.

This update is not available in Google Play yet. If you want to test it out, you can download it directly from the link below.

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