Microsoft previews, a new webmail portal that might replace Hotmail

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Microsoft today is opening the doors of its new webmail portal to interested users who may want to get a taste of the new Microsoft email service.  According Microsoft, is a huge step that they are taking to introduce a new webmail service that responds to the signs of the times. By that it means that as a personal email service will have new features including the ability to detect emails that are newsletters and seggregates them from the rest of incoming emails in the inbox – giving you a cleaner and fresher email inbox. The service also allows you to immediately stop from receiving newsletter-type emails by way of a single click as well as delete all previously sent messages from a given send in one sweep.

Another nice feature of is that you can sync it up with your social networking accounts including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, three of the most popular social networking sites that most of us regularly monitor and maintain. With the integration to this services, updates your contact information whenever any of your friends or contacts update their profiles in those service.  Additionally, also filters emails from your social networking services and files them into their own specific folder. Hence, preventing them from cluttering your inbox. And since this is after all another Microsoft product, also gives you access to various Microsoft tools such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and even Skydrive. You can use these tools inside your inbox.

So far, seems to be a promising new webmail service from Microsoft. It’s not probably going to make you abandon Gmail or Yahoo! Mail at once as your webmail of choice but who knows in time, if Microsoft continues to enhance the service, you just might bid your current webmail service goodbye.

Via [Outlook Blog]

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