Microsoft shares some signup numbers, look to have signed up one million on launch day

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We saw the roll-out of the new yesterday and it seems there was a rather large name grab going on. After the launch and later in the day, Microsoft offered a bit of detail on the official @Outlook Twitter account where they shared the following;

“One million people have signed up for a new, modern email experience at Thanks!”

Well look at that, managed to secure one million users on the day of launch. Sounds good, until we begin to think about how many of those one million accounts are actually going to be used on a regular basis. Or more to the point, how many of those accounts will be used for anything other than a junk mail account.

Granted, that is not to say that the new is bad. I can say that it looks good and I do like what I have seen thus far. I signed up (admittedly at first just to grab my preferred name) and then later came to realize that the set-up is actually quite nice. Nonetheless, I am not sure how I can (or will) use my new email. Not to mention, while the email set-up is nice, I am rather tied into Google with services such as Gmail, Voice, Music, Calendar, Docs and the countless others. To that point, these days it is more about switching everything than it is simply getting a new email address.

Bottom line here, secured one million users but how many of those were secured for reasons other than the standard name grab?

Via [Twitter @Outlook]

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