Google Wallet becomes more useful

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Google Wallet, the search giant’s answer to online and offline payments via NFC-enabled Android phones, has added a very convenient feature that enables users to pay with any credit card using any of the 7 NFC Android devices, including the new Nexus 7 tablet. All you have to do is add the credit card on your Google Wallet account online and start paying for your purchases on over 200,000 retailers nationwide.

They’ve also added extra security features that allows users to wipe and disable their Google Wallet account on their device in case it gets lost or stolen. Also, for an additional layer of security, all the credit card information is store on Google’s servers. Watch the following video to learn more:

Google Wallet users out there, are you excite about the possibility of leaving your physical wallet at home (but please remember to take your ID)?

Via [GoogleCommerce Blog]

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