RIM makes it official: BlackBerry PlayBook 4G will be available in Canada on August 9th

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Well look at what we have here, an official release date for the 4G equipped BlackBerry PlayBook. The tablet, simply dubbed the BlackBerry PlayBook 4G will be available beginning on August 9th. In terms of where, RIM has stated that the device will be found in Canada and with Bell, Rogers and TELUS. At this time they have yet to offer anything specific in terms of pricing. But on that note, given August 9th is not all that far away, we suspect that will be announced sooner rather than later. Otherwise, the PlayBook 4G will is an LTE device that will require a carrier provided microSIM card and have 32GB of internal storage space. The PlayBook 4G will be running OS 2.0.1 at launch. Finally, RIM has also stated that those in the US as well as Europe, South Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean will have it available in the “coming months.”

Via [Inside BlackBerry]

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