Aereo extends pricing options from $1 to $80

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Aereo is moving right along after avoiding a preliminary injunction proposed by major television networks. Aereo is still restricted to those who live in New York City, but anyone that’s curious can try out the service for free. If you want to continue using it, you’ll have a few pricing options to choose from.

Aereo Try for Free is the most basic offering. You’ll be able to watch local television on iOS devices, Roku, Apple TV and Macs (PC and Android support is coming). You’ll get access to one hour of streaming television per day without providing any payment information. $1 will get you a 24-hours pass, $8 a month offers unlimited streaming and 20 hours of DVR space, $12 a month increases storage space to 40 hours and $80 covers 15 months of service with 40 hours of storage space.

Aereo should make it out of NYC and into more parts of the United States within one year.

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