BlackBerry PlayBook 4G with Telus; available contract-free and priced at $549.99

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RIM offered up an official release date for the BlackBerry PlayBook 4G tablet yesterday. And just to recap that, the tablet will be available first for those in Canada with a release date set for August 9th. In terms of carriers, RIM stated that the PlayBook 4G would be available with Rogers, Bell and Telus. As of now we have yet to hear from Rogers or Bell, however Telus has come forward with some pricing information.

“We are launching the 4G LTE Playbook next week. It will be available online and through our dealers. We are pricing it at $549.99.”

In addition to shelling out your $550, you will need to grab a Telus compatible microSIM card, which will be given when you sign up for an LTE data plan. The nice part on that, given your are paying full retail, you will not be tied down with any long term commitments.

Aside from Telus, word on the interwebs has been suggesting that Rogers and Bell will also have the PlayBook 4G priced at $550. In addition, Rogers is expected to offer the tablet for $349.99 on a three-year agreement. Needless to say, we still need the official word from Rogers and Bell before we take that as final.

Via [MobileSyrup]

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