Chameleon Launcher app now listed in Google Play, arrives as a beta and for Kickstarter backers only

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We had been expecting the beta release of the Chameleon Launcher to arrive sometime in early-August. And well, it looks like this timeline has proven to be accurate. The good news here, Chameleon Launcher beta is now available in Google Play. The disappointing news, the app is only going to be available for those who backed the Kickstarter project. In fact, the first line of the Google Play listing notes that “this app is intended for Kickstarter and pre-order participants only.” Of course, that is not stopping those who fail to (or cannot) read to download the app and then leave a one-star review when it doesn’t work. That bit aside though, if you backed the Kickstarter project for Chameleon — fire up Google Play and get to installing. The current version is listed as 0.7.3. And for those who are curious as to how they limitation is made — after you download the app, it will verify your Google account to make sure you are on the approved Kickstarter beta list. Otherwise, those like myself who never made it to backing this project, the best we have to go on right now is that the “final Chameleon Launcher is coming soon.”

Via [Google Play] and [Chameleon]

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  • Navin Konvict

    It is really an awesome launcher. Must try…..