Comixology updated with new design and better Nexus 7 support

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Comixology is the go-to app for many tablet users looking for quick access to comics, but it didn’t work properly on the Nexus 7. The 7-inch screen of the Nexus 7 was a bit too small to properly navigate Comixology’s interface, and the guided view mode would bug out when attempting to change pages. Fortunately, the newest update to Comixology fixes all of that.

If you own a Nexus 7 or another kind of 7-inch tablet, you’ll notice everything looks a little bigger. It’s easier to select the featured and my comics categories. The guided view also works as it’s intended. It’s probably still ideal for some people to read comics on a 10-inch display, but smaller screens in no way makes this app useless.

The full change log is below.

-Discover comics at much faster speeds
– Near instant launching
– Background downloading
– Improved “Instant Search”
– Separate “Purchases” area that displays all owned comics
– New series groupings in store and “My Comics”
– Buy or continue reading the next issue at the end of a comic

Download Link [Google Play]

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