Verizon-branded wireless charging kit for Samsung Galaxy S III available now for $89

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For those of you who got the Samsung Galaxy S III from Verizon and are now bothered by the device’s fast depletion of battery juice, you’re only hope used to be the official charging kit presented by Samsung earlier. But that charging kit is still nowhere to be found and last we heard it will become available around September. The good news is – Verizon is offering an alternative to this charging kit. This Verizon-branded charging kit for the Galaxy S III comes with its own back cover which is said to be manufactured by Samsung. Take note that the back cover is required for the charger to function. Now, here’s a bit of a lowdown. Said charging kit will cost quite a lot of money. The back cover alone costs $39 while the charging station costs $50. That’s $89 for an add-on accessory to your beloved Galaxy S III. But then again, if you are using your device so much that it doesn’t last a full day for you, this charging kit offers up a very viable solution. Will you be heading out to Verizon to get this charging kit then?

Via [Phone Arena]

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