Samsung sending out invites for August 15, it looks like a Galaxy Note 10.1 announcement

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Whoever is handling Samsung’s publicity arm for new mobile products, I will have to say that they are doing a good job in eliciting public interest. Samsung has been teasing us with important events on specific dates, the latest of which is by way of an informal invite to an August 15 event for the launching of a “major” Galaxy product. It’s certainly is not the Galaxy Note 2 since it was already ascertained that device will be launched at IFA. The Verge has a reason to believe that it will be the Galaxy Note 10.1, especially since the markings on the invite is stroked as if it was done using a stylus on a Galaxy Note screen. And given the fact that August 15 is just a few days away, Samsung may have rushed the announcement since the Note 10.1 has been made available for purchase earlier. What do you think, folks?

Via [The Verge]

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