Samsung offers up an introduction video for the Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet, gives a nice overview of the UI

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We saw the recent Galaxy Note 10.1 announcement, which came press release style from Samsung. And well, it looks like Samsung has also released a Galaxy Note 10.1 introduction video. The video has been posted on the official Samsung channel and comes in at a rather decent 5 minutes and 48 seconds in length. Without giving that much in terms of spoiler, we will say that Samsung appears to have done a good job at showing off how the user interface and S Pen will work on the 10-inch display. Simply put, if you are interested in the Galaxy Note line, this video is worth the few minutes of your time. Of course, if you are someone that is easily enticed to make new purchases and find yourself at all interested in the stylus (S Pen) functionality — you may want to consider not watching.

Via [YouTube]

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