AT&T confirmed, Mobile Share (shared data) Plans will launch on August 23rd

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We had known that AT&T was planning to launch their shared plans in late-August, and well, it looks like we now have an exact date. AT&T has confirmed the Mobile Share Plans will be available beginning on August 23rd. The carrier has broken down the details and the pricing and are even offering a Mobile Share Planner tool that should help give you a better idea of how much data you are going to need.

In terms of the pricing and the plans — these are similar to what we have seen with Verizon Wireless and the Share Everything Plans. Simply put, the AT&T Mobile Share plans all come with unlimited talk and unlimited messaging. From this point you pick the amount of data you want to share (across your account) and which devices will be on the plan. You can include up to 10 devices with basic and messaging phones coming at $30 per device, laptops, netbooks and mobile data cards coming at $20 per device and tablets coming at $10 per device. The smartphones begin at $45 per device, but that drops based on the amount of data you choose.

The data pricing breaks down as follows;

  • 1GB for $40 with smartphone at $45 each
  • 4GB for $70 with smartphone at $40 each
  • 6GB for $90 with smartphone at $35 each
  • 10GB for $120 with smartphone at $30 each
  • 15GB for $160 with smartphone at $30 each
  • 20GB for $200 with smartphone at $30 each

Additionally, these plans include Mobile Hotspot use at no additional cost (for compatible smartphones and tablets) and additional data is priced at $15 per GB. With that, follow the via link below for a bit more…

Via [AT&T]

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