Asus talks Nexus 7, gives a look at how the tablet came to market — in just four months time

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We have heard quite a bit about the Nexus 7 since it was announced during Google I/O, and even to some degree about how the tablet went from a discussion in January to mass market a few months later. In fact, we believe that many have heard about the whole four month time frame already. But interestingly enough, Asus seems to have been willing to offer a bit more. Recently they spoke with Forbes and covered a bit more in detail.

But first, the back story — it seems Asus met with Google in January during CES and the production began in May. Some of the points that Asus had to content with — a device with a weight under 340 grams and how the tablet began with a battery life of 8 hours but was released with an official battery life of 9.5 hours. A few other goodies include how the dealt with sound. More specifically, the fact that they designed the placement of the speakers first and then figured out how they would be able to fit in the processor and memory.

Bottom line here, if you were at all intrigued about how Asus and Google were able to put together such as solid tablet offering in such a short amount of time — follow that via link below and be prepared to do some reading.

Via [Forbes]

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