Nexus 7 tablet gets an in-dash installation in a 2008 Dodge Ram

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It looks like one Nexus 7 user has recently made a rather big commitment to the device — an in-dash installation. The folks at Sonic Electronix have posted a video of YouTube detailing the in-dash installation of the Nexus 7 tablet in a 2008 Dodge Ram truck. And while they make a good point of the Nexus 7 begin a lower cost alternative to the iPad, we cannot help but think how much nicer this would be if the Nexus 7 had cellular connectivity. That though aside though, the Nexus 7 has been installed in the dash but it can also be removed and taken on the go. Anyway, if nothing else this does give another way of looking at a tablet. After all, with this you now have a solid in-dash navigation system, music player and probably much more.

Via [YouTube] and [Phandroid]

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