[Leaked Image] Is this Nokia’s upcoming Windows Phone 8 handset?

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Two images of what are believed to be Windows Phone 8 devices from Nokia have recently surfaced online. The images are coming by way of the Chinese blog WP Dang. The images appear to be showing a prototype of an upcoming Nokia handset, one that resembles a Lumia 900. The handset is yellow in color and appears to be sporting a black cover/case in one of the images. Not much else to go on here, you can see just a few icons on the face of the display and in the end — we are not entirely convinced that these are the real deal just yet. Not to mention, these images came with noting in terms of hardware specs. That being said, we are expected Nokia to have something official in terms of WP8 come November.

Via [WP Dang] and [Softpedia]

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