Spotify now available for the Kindle Fire

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We recently saw the Spotify Android app get an update that added free radio play. And well, while there had been a Spotify app available for Android users for some time now, one group had been left out — those rocking the Kindle Fire. That being said, Spotify has just recently come available for download by way of the Amazon Appstore which means Kindle Fire users are no longer left out. The Spotify app will work the same on the Kindle Fire as other mobile devices. That is to say that Kindle Fire users will have access to the millions of songs that Spotify is offering. It looks like the Kindle Fire version of Spotify brings the free radio play, though, for the best use and getting the most — a Spotify Premium subscription will come in handy. New users can get a free trial, but otherwise a premium membership will set you back $10 per month. Of course in the end, this probably just means that Spotify will be adding some additional users further growing past the 15 million that they were recently bragging about.

Via [Amazon Appstore]

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