Verizon Wireless has some secret Shared Everything plans, go from 12GB up to 20GB of data

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Verizon announced their Share Everything plans back in mid-June and then officially rolled them out later in the month. At the time of the announcement, Verizon stated that they had data packages available in 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 6GB, 8GB and 10GB. Needless to say, according to the details we received from Verizon, as well as the website — 10GB was the biggest option available. That seemed normal enough, until yesterday when AT&T announced their shared data plans and came with a few larger options. Just in case you missed the AT&T news, they had the smaller plans, but were also offering a 15GB plan for $160 and a 20GB plan for $200. Anyway, it seems that while Verizon may not be advertising anything larger than 10GB, they have some. In fact, according to Computer World, Verizon has five larger plans. The plans were noted as follows;

  • 12GB — $110
  • 14GB — $120
  • 16GB — $130
  • 18GB — $140
  • 20GB — $150

Suddenly that 20GB plan (for $200) from AT&T seems rather pricey. Of course, in reality we suspect very few people are going to even need the 10GB plan. But on that note, it is nice to see more are available, after all with mobile devices getting more and more prevalent and mobile data getting faster and faster — those larger plans will be welcomed some day. And just to clarify, these larger plans are available with Verizon only if you ask.

Via [Computer World]

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