Amazon Cloud Player support comes to Sonos

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Earlier in the month I decided to give the Amazon Cloud Player a proper go and began uploading my 13,000+ tracks. My desire to give this a shot (and potentially switch from Google Music) came as a result of the recent announcement from Amazon. Just as a reminder, Amazon announced ripped CD matching, 256 Kbps audio files and more for their Cloud Player. Well, since then my files have all uploaded and I began using the service in the browser as well as on my iPhone and Nexus 7 tablet. The one place that I had been wishing to find support — on my Sonos. That being said, it looks like my wish has come available. And coincidentally, also sealed my fate with the Cloud Player — Sonos and Amazon have officially announced support as of this morning.

“, Inc. today announced that Amazon Cloud Player is now available on the Sonos Wireless HiFi System, allowing Amazon Cloud Player customers to listen to their music library throughout their home wirelessly. Amazon Cloud Player enables customers to securely store music in the cloud and play it on any Kindle Fire, Android device, iPhone, iPod Touch, Mac and PC, and now in any room via Sonos.”

Anyway, the Amazon Cloud Player will allow you to upload 250 tracks under a free account, which should be enough to give you a good idea if you will like the service. Stepping up from that point, you can pay $25 per year (the 50 GB + Cloud Player Premium plan) which will allow you to upload up to 250,000 tracks. And for those already rocking with Sonos — the Amazon Cloud Player support is already there. Just fire up the app and go to More Music -> Amazon Cloud Player and then sign in and authorize your account.

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