Mobile app Pulse becomes available as a web app

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Among the many news readers that I’ve used on my mobile devices, Pulse is one of my favorites. I’ve downloaded and installed it on my iPad and Samsung Galaxy S III. Now for those of you who don’t own any of those two devices or other mobile devices where Pulse is available, you’ll now be able to browse news items via Pulse using your desktop web browser. Pulse, the mobile news reader is now also available as a web app. According to the Pulse blog, Pulse for the web is designed for discovery. As such, it features a dynamic layout which takes full advantage of the size of your browser whether you are using Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer or Safari. The content of your Pulse feed will always fill your browser, not wasting a single pixel. If you don’t like Pulse’s dynamic layout, you can always shift to the basic chronological order of displaying news items. What’s good about Pulse is that it synchronizes your account on your various mobile devices into a single account. Hence, you can start reading using your iPad and then finished it off on your desktop browser. To start using this web app, simple point your browser to and sign on to your Pulse account or create a new one.

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