[Video] First impressions of the Blurex Ultra Slim case for the Nexus 7

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Blurex quickly released a case for the Nexus 7 soon after it was announced. We picked up the Blurex Magic Folio case last month, and shared our impressions in a video. Today, we have another Blurex Nexus 7 case to show you. It’s called the Blurex Ultra Slim case, and you can find it on Amazon for $13.99.

Blurex appears to have listened to customer feedback or simply rethought its design process after having some time to use a Nexus 7. Gone is the velcro and bulk of the last case, and replacing it are six clamps and a couple different straps. The clamps keep the tablet in place while leaving the screen completely untouched. The cover of the case also has a magnet that turns the Nexus 7 on and off.

The case also doubles as a stand with multiple viewing angles.

We’ve put together our first impressions in the video below. A full review is coming soon.

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