Amazon adds parental controls for Instant Video, is offering them on a per device basis

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It looks like Amazon has recently (and quietly) added a rather nice set of parental controls for the Instant Video. As pointed out by Tech of the Hub, they are quite comprehensive. Before we get into the specifics, lets tell you where to find these settings — surf on over to the Amazon website and to the Amazon Instant Video section. From there, click on the link for Settings & Devices. After you arrive and log in you will see your 1-Click Payment Settings and the Instant Video PIN (should you have one set). But scrolling down past that will reveal the Parental Controls and the section where you can apply them to individual devices. For example, as you can see in the above screen capture — my account is showing the web browser and the Kindle Fire. The web browser is me and the Kindle Fire is my daughter. Needless to say, while I trust her to make good decisions — that doesn’t change the fact that she is only 10 and there are likely some things she doesn’t need to see. Anyway, with these settings I can now allow those using the web browser to see any and all movies and restrict the Kindle Fire access based on movie ratings. Bottom line here, the Instant Video Parental Controls can now be set on a per device level.

Via [Amazon] and [Tech of the Hub]

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