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Microsoft rolled-out the new not all that long back. Since then we have seen Microsoft touting the incredible rise in users, having reached one million on the first day. Needless to say, I happen to be one of those million and while I haven’t really begun using on a regular basis, I do like the service and plan to bring it into my workflow. On that train of though I was preparing to add the email account into Sparrow (both on my iPhone and MacBook Air) and discovered that they only support POP. For me personally this was a deal breaker. Having these two devices along with a few others that I use regularly, I want IMAP. There is some good news though, or at least the hope of good news. The folks over at Gizmodo did a “talk to the Outlook Engineering Team” chat the other day and one of the many questions was about IMAP, specifically it support was coming. The engineer answering the question did a thorough job (they offered probably more than most would have wanted and/or needed), however the long and short of the answer;

“and so I expect we’ll support IMAP for Outlook sometime down the line.”

Of course, there is no timeline as to when but the bottom line, may be getting support for IMAP.

Via [Gizmodo] and [The Verge]

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