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We have heard more and more (and more) about Kickstarter over the past few months, and well, I for one am getting burnt out on the whole situation. Sure, the products and the pitches are exciting — but that is where the excitement is stopping. As to my confession, I have only backed two projects but I have also decided against backing any moving forward. That is not to say there are not others that I considered, even wanted to. Take the Nifty MiniDrive for example, that is something that I would get value out of. Not to mention being relatively low-cost. But no, I put my foot down and for me to back another Kickstarter project — it is going to have to be REALLY REALLY exciting.

So what went wrong. Well, of the two that I backed I waited. That is to say that I did not jump in from the beginning on either. In fact, I waited till almost the final days so I could ensure that they would both be funded. After all, I didn’t want to get excited about something that may not ever get produced. Of course, what I am realizing is that even having a successful Kickstarter and successful funding does not alway mean an on-time delivery.

Of the two projects that I backed, one was the Pebble watch and the other was a movie titled I’m Fine, Thanks. Many have heard the story of the Pebble, they had massive success, success to the point that it was probably more than ever expected. But the downside to that success comes to those who backed. You see, that success meant a new plan for the folks behind the Pebble and that means a longer wait time. The watch was originally expected to be delivered in September. As of the last update which came back on July 24th, that timeline was not happening. And to be honest, at this point I would be surprised to see it arrive before the end of the year.

The other project I backed, the movie. This was only a $5 deal so I am not terribly upset or bothered by the money. More so because they made a promise and they failed to deliver. But really because I just want to watch the movie. This project was asking for $100,000 and closed a bit over that. The promise, the movie was supposed to be delivered (digitally) before the end of July. Well, given it is not August 10th it is safe to say that is late. The last update we heard on this was back on August 2nd where they noted that their goal for the release “is next week.” It looks like they missed again.

Bottom line here, Kickstarter seems fun and it has some exciting offerings but I hear more people talking about how they are not getting their items than I do people talking about what they received. What about you, have you had any positive experiences with Kickstarter?

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  • Tom G.

    Ive been waiting on a Wakawaka since April. They no longer even send out updates. I’m backing 4 projects, including the Pebble watch, and have received nothing.

  • Pablo

    I’m also disappointed with Pebble. It was originally pitched as an epaper watch & since I put my money down it’s turned into an LCD watch. It’s like going into a restaurant, paying for a steak and being given a hamburger. Annoyed.