US Cellular is giving free additional lines through 2012

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If you are a US Cellular customer and have been considering adding any additional lines to your account — now may be a good time to move forward on that. The carrier has recently announced that all additional lines will be free through the rest of the year. This news comes for their newly launched promotional Family Plan which includes two lines with unlimited minutes and messaging for $99.99 per month. Bottom line here, you can add-on lines three (up to six) and not have to pay for those lines for the rest of 2012. Of course, beginning in 2013, the bill will kick in so keep that in mind. The one catch here, you will need to add those additional lines before October 18th.

Otherwise, in addition to the free additional line offer, US Cellular has announced another promo. This latest offer involves the Samsung Aviator and Alcatel ONE TOUCH Premiere smartphones as well as the Samsung Mobile Hotspot. In this offer, “customers who purchase any smartphone can get a 4G LTE Samsung Aviator, Alcatel ONE TOUCH Premiere or 4G LTE Samsung Mobile Hotspot for free.” The one catch here, the ONE TOUCH Premiere and the Samsung Mobile Hotspots are free AFTER a $50 mail-in rebate.

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