Push Mail Alert app now available for the iPhone, arrives with a $2.99 price tag and the promise of true push email notifications

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Those looking for push email on the iPhone (and willing to spend a few bucks) now have another option to consider. A recently launched app called Push Mail Alert has come available in the iOS App Store. The app is designed for the iPhone, requires iOS 5.0 or later for use and is currently sitting at version 1.0.0. And for those concerned mainly with price, Push Mail Alert is $2.99.

With those bits out of the way, lets get into the promise and the features. As the name would imply, this app brings email notifications and promises a simple setup. The features include instant view, full IMAP and IMAP IDLE support, an unread badge icon, sounds, priority inbox support and more. Diving in with the ‘and more’ first, those include support for Sparrow and perhaps more important — OAuth GMail support.

  • Sparrow iOS app support: Open directly important email right from a banner or an alert
  • OAuth GMail support: Grant us access to your GMail account without giving us your password or any other personal information (GMail and GApps support only)

Otherwise, touching back on those other features, they breakdown as follows;

  • Instant view: Check instantly your mailbox summary right from the Lock screen or the Notification Center of your iPhone
  • Full IMAP & IMAP IDLE support: Use your AOL, Gmail and GApps, iCloud, Orange, Yahoo! and custom IMAP/IMAP IDLE email accounts
  • Unread badge: Check the sum of your unread conversations / messages
  • Sounds: Personalize your sounds by mail account, therefore differentiate your professional or personal notifications…
  • Priority Inbox support: Be only notify of your important incoming emails (GMail and GApps support only)

Via [iOS App Store] and [ProcessOne Blog]

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