TechnologyTell users climb to more than 10 million (in two weeks time)

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Microsoft launched the new email back on July 31st, which at this point means the service is now just over two weeks old. And if you remember back, Microsoft took to the interwebs on August 1st bragging about how quickly the service was picking up users — one million in just 24 hours. Anyway, given that we probably should not be all that surprised by this latest number (or by the fact that there is more bragging going on). But on that note, now has 10 million users. Of course, the key here, we wonder how many of these are real users. Well, real users as opposed to someone like say, myself, who registered to claim a preferred name and despite wanting to use the service, has not found a way to bring it into my workflow. Not to mention, like myself, who are waiting for IMAP support so they would not have to use the web interface.

Via [Inside SkyDrive Blog]

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