LG has sold 5 million LTE devices, offers up a press release to do some bragging

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It looks like LG has reached a new milestone in terms of device sales. Except instead of focusing on a single device this time around, LG has reached this milestone with LTE smartphones in general.

“LG Electronics (LG) announced that it reached a new milestone with global sales of five million LTE smartphones to date.”

This five million milestone comes as a follow-up to LG having sold 4 million as of last month and then another million during the month of July. And according to LG, that means they were selling “one LTE smartphone roughly every two and a half seconds.”

Looking to where these were sold and diving in a bit further with specific devices — LG noted that they now have “more than” ten LTE smartphones available. The handsets are currently selling in the US as well as Korea, Japan and select markets in Europe and Asia. The most popular handset among the LG LTE bunch is the Optimus LTE which has sold two million. Also noteworthy, the LG Vu has sold more than 500,000 since March and the Optimus LTE II (which was released in May) has already sold 500,000 making it the fastest growing sales for LG LTE devices.

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