Plex for Android has been updated, brings performance improvements and numerous fixes

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You know those times when an app exists, and you even know that it exists but you totally ignore it. Well, that is what happened to me with Plex. I knew the app was available for a wide variety of platforms and I had heard that it was both easy to set up and easy to use. Nonetheless, I paid it little attention. Thankfully though, that has changed. The reason there, and for those who may need a bit of convincing — former GadgeTell editor and perhaps more important, current TWiT personality Iyaz (@iyaz on Twitter) offered a nice walkthrough of Plex on Episode 4 of Know How.

My discovery of the app aside, it looks like the Plex Android app has recently been updated. The app, which is available from Google Play is priced at $4.99 and currently sitting at version and with support for devices running Android 1.6 or later. In terms of the device support, it was noted that the next release of Plex for Android will drop support for Android 1.6 Donut. Of course given the current percentage of Donut users, we suspect that is not going to bother all that many users.

Getting back on track here, this latest Plex for Android app update brings a “number” of optimizations and performance improvements. Unfortunately while that was not broken down much further it was noted that they dealt with page and image load times. Otherwise, the remainder of the update involved fixes. There breakdown as follows;

  • FIX an issue where loading dialog was not being dismissed properly
  • FIX connection and reconnection logic to cope with failure to connect issues
  • FIX to allow the audio player to seek backwards
  • FIX odd seek bar behavior
  • FIX quit followed by start doesn’t kick you out
  • FIX don’t reload/rerender the home screen every time (tap refresh kids)
  • FIX a couple field reported crash conditions

Via [Plex Blog] and [Google Play]

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