GadgeTell Review: Blurex Ultra Slim Case for the Nexus 7

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What is Being Reviewed?

Today we’re reviewing the Blurex Ultra Slim Case for the Nexus 7. This is technically the third Nexus 7 case Blurex has released, and after trying all three, I’m convinced this case is the best. Better still, this case is being sold on Amazon for $14.99 before shipping. Let me go over the things I liked and did not like about the Blurex Ultra Slim case.

The Design

The Nexus 7 is a thin tablet. It also happens to be one of the device’s best attributes. It’s very comfortable to hold in one hand, and that’s exactly how Google wants you to handle it. Blurex kept this in mind when creating this case. The case adds only a little more bulk to the Nexus 7. You can still easily slip the tablet and its case into a small bag, purse or even your pocket (if you have big pockets). Basically, if the Ultra Slim Case prevents the Nexus 7 from comfortably fitting into something it did before, chances are it was always a tight fit.

The thinness of the case also provides reasonable protection for the Nexus 7. I wouldn’t go around dropping this thing off balconies, but it’ll most certainly be protected from falling off the countertop. The front and back of the case also protects the Nexus 7 from getting scratched and nicked. All of the ports on the Nexus 7 (except for the pogo pins) are exposed for easy access.

The Ultra Slim Case also feels great to hold. It’s made from synthetic leather and looks more expensive than it is. Its interior is lined with microfiber material that acts as a soft pillow for when the Nexus 7 is sleeping.

The Features

The first feature of the Blurex Ultra Slim Case I want to address is the automatic on/off functionality. The Nexus 7 has magnets on the inside that turns the display on and off whenever it comes within close proximity of another magnet. This case takes full advantage of that feature. It has always worked perfectly and can actually extend the battery life of the Nexus 7.

The tablet is held in place by six clamps that are like claws. Each of these clamps easily fit around the silver plastic lining of the Nexus 7. None of the clamps come into contact with the device’s bezel. In the time I’ve been using it, the clamps have not loosened their grip on the Nexus 7. I prefer the clamps to the velcro Blurex used in its previous Nexus 7 case because I believe the velcro will wear out faster than the synthetic leather clamps.

The Blurex Ultra Slim Case can also be transformed into a stand for when the Nexus 7 is in landscape mode. You have to disconnect the upper and lower left clamps in order to use this feature. I’m not particularly fond of this extra step because I want to fiddle with the clamps as little as possible for the sake of the case’s longevity. However, once that step is done, you can position the tablet at three different angles using the recessed grooves that are built into the case. The tablet isn’t rock solid when placed in those grooves, but it will remain sturdy as long as you don’t mess around with it too much.

When held in portrait mode, the Blurex Ultra Slim Case can fold around the back of the Nexus 7. However, if you’re left-handed like me, the tablet will slide around. To remedy this, Blurex attached an elastic band to the interior of the case. The band can be wrapped around the upper and lower right clamps to hold the Nexus 7 firmly in place. While the band doesn’t get in the way of the screen, I would like to see Blurex figure out a way to remove the band entirely. This shouldn’t be an issue if you are right-handed. You have far more control over the case when it’s gripped from the right side.

Blurex also included a hand strap for portrait mode users. The strap sits flush with the interior of the case, and is barely noticeable. I found it to be very useful when I used the Nexus 7 while lying down, or during extended sessions. It helps remove hand strain that can build up over time if you don’t put the tablet down.


The Blurex Ultra Slim Case for the Nexus 7 is easily worth more than what Blurex is charging for it. There’s very little I don’t like about this case. It’s simple, made of quality materials and doesn’t restrict the Nexus 7 in any way. I’ve seen other cases that are twice as expensive and perform the same functions as this one. Trust me, this case is a winner.

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Disclaimer: The Blurex Ultra Slim Case was provided to GadgeTell by Blurex for the purpose of this review.

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