Discover gets friendly with Google Wallet

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It was a few weeks back when Google announced that you could add any and all credit and debit cards into Google Wallet. But despite being able to enter and use your Discover card, it looks like the two have just gotten a bit friendlier. That is, Google Wallet and Discover. The details are coming by way of the official Google Commerce Blog where they note that Discover has become the first of the card issuers to take advantage of the “Save to Wallet API for Payment Cards.” As to what that means for the average user — it will now be even easier to enter your Discover card details in your Google Wallet account. Well, that is provided you have yet to do that. Anyway, this API (being used by Discover) means you will be enter your account information without having to look up and type in your card number. You will be able to set up your Discover card in Google Wallet by simply logging into your Discover account. The process is as follows;

To save your Discover Card to Google Wallet, just follow these short steps:
1. Visit and sign into your Discover account
2. Click “Add Your Card”
3. Sign into your Google Account

Finally, while Discover is the first (and currently the only) card issuer to take advantage of the API, Google noted that they are currently “working with credit and debit card issuers” which seems to imply that others may begin using it in the future.

Via [Google Commerce Blog]

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