Samsung Galaxy S III, in black with 64GB of storage, coming to the UK in early October

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UK retailer Clove has announced the upcoming availability of a 64GB Samsung Galaxy S III. And more to the point, a SIM-free 64GB Galaxy S III in black. According to the details provided, the handset will be available sometime in early-October. Sadly, nothing has been revealed just yet in terms of pricing, which also means that pre-orders are not yet available. Clove did state that you can register your interest in the handset at this time and that they plan to open up pre-orders as soon as they have an indication of what the price will be. Finally, just to drive the point here, a Galaxy S III with 64GB on internal storage and a microSD card slot means a handset with a total of 128GB of storage — talk about not having to rely on the cloud.

Via [Clove Blog]

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