PayPal begins testing ‘Here’ mobile payments in McDonalds, has also signed up 15 other retailers

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While we suspect many in the geek community think of Square in terms of mobile payments, they are far from the only option available. In fact, PayPal has a competing service called Here. Or more specifically, PayPal Here. The two services work similar, except PayPal has the obvious tie-ins with your regular PayPal account. That aside though, it looks like PayPal has been going after some big name retailers and has even begun testing in McDonalds. PayPal has confirmed (by way of Reuters) that they have begun to test the Here mobile payment service in 30 different McDonald’s restaurants in France. The testing that is being done in France not only allows McDonalds to accept mobile payments using Here, but it also makes things a bit easier for the customer as well. It was noted that customers can order their food on smartphones and pay using the McDonald’s mobile app (or online using a regular computer) by way of PayPal. Those customers choosing to take this route will then wait in another line dedicated solely to customers using this method. Otherwise, in addition to McDonald’s, PayPal has also signed up 15 other retailers including Home Depot and Office Depot. Of course, as we recently learned, Starbucks is not one of those fifteen.

Via [Reuters]

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