Barnes & Noble bringing the NOOK to the UK, NOOK Simple Touch & Simple Touch with GlowLight launching in October

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Barnes & Noble has officially announced the upcoming availability of the NOOK in the UK. The products will not be available until later in the year and the whole NOOK lineup will not be immediately available. But on the positive side, this does mark the first time Barnes & Noble have expanded internationally.

According to details coming from B&N, they will be releasing the NOOK Simple Touch and the Simple Touch with Glowlight in mid-October. And in addition to the readers, Barnes & Noble will also have the NOOK Store available for purchasing. The store will be offering books, magazines, newspapers, comics and “more.”

Furthermore, coming as the Barnes & Noble tagline of “read what they love, anywhere they like” — those in the UK will also be able to download the Barnes & Noble mobile apps and take their reading back and forth between the NOOK readers and the NOOK apps using the NOOK Cloud.

That being said, nothing yet in terms of pricing. In fact, Banes & Noble simply left that as follows;

“Further product, pricing and availability details will be announced in the coming weeks.”

Via [Barnes & Noble]

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