Warner Bros. Digital Copies can be redeemed until 2017

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You may want to dig out any DVDs or Blu-Rays of Warner Bros. films you’ve purchased within the last few years. Chances are those copies included a special code that can be used to redeem a digital copy of the film. Even though some codes are long expired, Warner Bros. decided to extend the expiration dates of those codes until May 17, 2017.

Tech of the Hub reported on this finding a couple days ago. To test it, I dug out my old Blu-Ray copy of Watchmen: Director’s Cut. My Digital Copy code had expired on July 21, 2010, but it too had been extended to 2017. I inputted the code, downloaded a special file for Windows Media Player and the copy was quickly transferred to my hard drive.

I don’t ever plan on looking at Watchmen again anytime soon, but it’s nice to finally be able to have a reason to redeem Digital Copies. I didn’t really have a reason to have non-physical copies of my movies a few years ago, but technology has come so far since then. Now that I’ve become so dependent of mobile devices, I wish all my old movies had digital copies.

Via [Tech of the Hub]

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  • Ken

    What is the code? I have a lot of movies where the code has been tossed once downloaded. Now a few years later when going to play a movie I am asked for he code. The movie companies do not budge on handing out something I already bought. I have Watchmen on my computer but it will not play with out the code. Please email me the code.