Radio Shack rumored to be launching their “No Contract Wireless” service on September 5th

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We heard some chatter about an upcoming no contract wireless offering from Radio Shack earlier in the month. At the time it was looking like Radio Shack would be offering service as an MVNO of Cricket Wireless. And well, while that bit hasn’t changed, it does appear as if an availability date has come up. The date is still firmly in the rumor category, however it doesn’t appear to be all that far away — September 5th. Otherwise, the service appears as if will be branded as Radio Shack No Contract Wireless. Finally, while Cricket service is nothing new, it seems as if Radio Shack will be using a memory card as a perk. According to the details we have seen thus far, Radio Shack will be offering “an exclusive 8GB SD memory card with all Muve Music phones.”

Via [Engadget]

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