Victorinox will be stopping all future software updates and letting their VeriSign certificate expire in September 2012

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Victorinox once touted just how secure their USB flash drives were. And well, it looks like that security will soon be coming to an end. The details are coming by way of an update that the Victorinox Team recently posted over on Facebook. Said update notes that Victorinox is an “economic” company and as such they have to “provide the necessary expenditures in reasonable proportion to the possible yield.” That fancy bit of explanation aside, they are going to let the VeriSign software certificate for the secure USB flash drives expire this September 15th. Otherwise, moving forward, Victorinox will continue making USB flash drives however they will not be offering them with any security features. Perhaps more important though, if you have one of these drives — you may want to make sure your data is securely backed up. Or perhaps more important, disable any security that you have on the drive and either live without, or arrange something on your own. Keep reading to see the full statement from Victorinox.

Via [Facebook] and [Engadget]

Dear customers,

Victorinox manufactures exceptional products since 1884. We are known worldwide for our quality products and excellent services.

The market for information products develops and grows dynamically. As a company we are facing major challenges with new platforms and with the different levels of software developments. It is our mission and our inner obligation to our customers to deliver the best service in this segment as well as good products and related software. The rapid development coupled with our standards of quality have prompted us to reconsider our offer. As an economic company, we are required to provide the necessary expenditures in reasonable proportion to the possible yield. For this reason we have decided to offer only pure knife products with appropriate hardware. For all software, we will refer to a third party. Further more, we will stop providing any future software updates and as of September 2012 we will cease all services in this segment. To this end we will discontinue our services to our web page Warning! The VeriSign software certificate for the secure.exe is only valid till 15th September 2012. We therefore strongly recommend that you create a data backup immediately.

Victorinox will continue to bring USB storage devices onto the market. These products are offered at market prices, with correspondingly good performance and a clear line. Existing products will be adapted and the savings gained by not using the special software, will enable us to provide a full service to our customers.

Your Victorinox Team

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