Sony Connected TVs and other entertainment devices get weather news service 24/7

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WeatherNation today launched a 24-hour weather news service for Sony Entertainment Network customers. If you’re using a Sony device such as Internet connected BRAVIA TVs, Blu-ray Disc players or Blu-ray Home Theater you’ll receive video and updated news coverage of current weather events with high-quality graphics. Thanks to an all-meteorologist staff who are utilizing the latest technologies of VIPIR Systems from Baron Services and HD Fusion from Weather Central, you’ll soon be understanding the in-depth story behind the weather. This technology enables WeatherNation in forecasting and illustrating current conditions by way of engaging 3D graphical mapping. The service also uses a powerful severe weather tracking system which enables WeatherNation to zoom down to town, neighborhood and street level weather conditions. In addition, WeatherNation TV also gives you the ability to access HD and SD streams of services online 24/7. This comes with a comprehensive lists of forecasts on demand as well.

Via [WeatherNation]

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