VMWare Fusion 5 now avaialble, was designed for Mountain Lion and optimized for Windows 8

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The latest version of VMWare Fusion has been released. This release has arrived as Fusion 5 and it is noted as having been designed for Mountain Lion and optimized for Windows 8. Perhaps a bit more exciting here, this release arrives with “more than 70 new features for a Windows on Mac experience never seen before.”

First things first, as many are familiar with VMWare and will likely be purchasing/upgrading regardless — lets discuss the pricing. VMWare Fusion 5 and Fusion 5 Professional are available as of today and are priced at $49.99 and $99.99 respectively.

Those who purchased VMWare Fusion 4 on or after July 25th will get a free upgrade to Fusion 5. In addition, those who have Fusion 3 or Fusion 4 as well as those who are a registered Parallels Desktop user can upgrade to Fusion 5 Professional for $49.99 (a 50 percent discount).

With that out of the way, lets get into the features of Fusion 5, beginning first with the previously mentioned goodies for Mountain Lion and Windows 8.

  • Designed for Mountain Lion – Run Windows on Mountain Lion and search Windows programs in Launchpad, use “AirPlay Mirroring” to stream Mac and Windows applications on an HDTV and get VMware Fusion notifications in Mountain Lion’s notification center.
  • Windows 8 Optimization – VMware Fusion 5 supports Windows 8 standard, pro and enterprise editions so consumers can optimize the new Windows 8 “Metro” environment directly on a Mac.

Otherwise, this release comes with the following;

  • Enhanced Mac Support – Support for the latest Mac technologies include compatibility with Mountain Lion, retina display optimization, USB 3 connectivity, and improved support for large memory Macs.
  • Next Generation Performance – Performance enhancements include up to 40% faster general performance speeds compared to the previous version of the product, improved power management for longer battery life and faster 3D graphics.
  • Additional Functionalities – New, powerful ways to experience Windows on a Mac are available through an updated virtual machine library that enables seamless transitions between multiple operating systems, one click snapshots with improved graphical appearance, a brand new graphics driver for Linux 3D desktops, and a new embedded learning center for immediate support.

Moving over an touching on Fusion 5 Professional, this adds some goodies such as easier deployment across multiple platforms, the ability to create restricted virtual machines and more. Simply put, as the name would imply, this release is aimed more at the professional user — the business. VMWare Fusion 5 Professional features include;

  • Open the Doors to Macs – Whether business applications run on Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 or one of more than 200 other operating systems, VMware Fusion 5 is designed to ensure maximum compatibility with the applications users need.
  • Create Restricted Virtual Machines – Create an encrypted corporate image that meets the needs of employees and enables productivity from their first power-on. To avoid tampering of the corporate image, restrictions can prevent users from changing virtual machine settings or attaching USB devices to Windows.
  • Easy Deployment Across Multiple Platforms – VMware Fusion 5 Professional includes a commercial license of VMware Player™ 5 to deploy and run restricted virtual machines on Macs, Windows and Linux systems. So regardless of the underlying platform, VMware Fusion 5 Professional gives users the business applications they need.
  • Reduce Support Costs – Reduce support costs by directing end-users to customized Web resources directly from VMware Fusion 5 Professional’s Help menu.
  • Easy Management – VMware Fusion 5 Professional is a full perpetual license which activates both VMware Fusion 5 Professional and VMware Player 5.

Via [MarketWire]

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