Facebook for iOS version 5 brings in HUGE update

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For those who are complaining that Facebook is not giving much support and attention to the iOS app, well it all ends today. Facebook for iOS has just been updated and version 5 is now ready for download from the iTunes App Store. And mind you, it’s a pretty huge update specifically focusing on making the app load and run faster on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Additionally, the app is also now easier to use. Specific changes include faster scrolling of your news feed and the presence of a banner on top which if tapped refreshes the display to bring out more stories.

For those who upload lots of photos on their Facebook accounts, the update makes it faster to open and close these photos through one downward swipe on your device’s screen. Finally, the updated Facebook app for iOS also now gives you instant access to your notifications. The update to Facebook for iOS comes a day after Facebook for Android was update. Interestingly, most of these new features were not rolled out for the Android app.

Via [iTunes App Store]

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