Victorinox announces refunds for Slim, Secure and Presentation Master USB flash drive users

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Earlier in the week we learned that Victorinox would be letting their secure certificate expire as of September. And well, that meant those rocking a Slim, Secure or Presentation Master USB flash drive would be losing a feature that was once highly touted. Anyway, while we haven’t spoken to any users of those drives since, we suspect that more than a few were a bit upset. That said, it looks like the folks over at Victorinox are going to try and make things right — they have offered the option to get a refund. Those interested in going that route can fill out a form with the company to get the process started. The full details can be read below. Otherwise, we should point out that while the secure certificate for these drives will be expiring — they will still function and work, albeit like a regular old unsecured flash drive.

Via [Victorinox on Facebook] and [Engadget]

Product Refund Offer for Victorinox Slim, Secure and Presentation Master Users:

As of September 15, 2012, the secure software (secure.exe) pre-loaded on Victorinox Slim, Secure and Presentation Master products will expire. This means that any saved information within the secure software on these devices, will need to be backed up elsewhere. Note, if files are saved outside of the secure software there Is no need to backup as any files stored within the non-secure area of the drive will not be affected.

Our Customer Support team is available to answer questions related to this issue via the following points of contact: – or – 800-442-2706

Ultimately, if you simply aren’t happy with the product based on this development and would like to return it, we understand. To begin processing your refund, please complete and submit the form located on and you will be contacted by a Victorinox Swiss Army Customer Support Team Member within two business days to finalize product return instructions and refund process. All refunds will be processed within two weeks from receipt of returned product. This offer is valid through December 31, 2012.

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