Did T-Mobile already discontinue the Samsung Galaxy Note?

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T-Mobile launched the Samsung Galaxy Note back on August 8th and while many poked fun at the fact that the carrier was launching a handset that was expected to be replaced rather quickly — I am not sure anyone expected this to happen. It looks like T-Mobile has quietly pulled the device from the available lineup. Those looking on the T-Mobile website will no longer find a product listing for the Galaxy Note. And sure, that could mean that T-Mobile is having issues, say inventory, and pulled the handset on a temporary basis. But perhaps more telling here — the handset has been disappearing with other retailers as well. The folks over at TmoNews have been doing some searching and noticed that Costco placed the device on the closeout list. Additionally, the handset has gone bye-bye with Wirefly. Of course, those still hoping to get their hands on a T-Mobile capable Galaxy Note — Best Buy and Samsung appear to have some inventory available. With that, maybe T-Mobile will offer some sort of explanation as to what is happening.

Via [TmoNews]

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