Amazon and NBC reach a new agreement that will add more titles to Prime Instant Video

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Amazon today has issued a brief statement announcing their new partnership with NBC Universal Cable and New Media Distribution. The agreement will mean the addition of hundreds of TV episodes to Amazon’s Prime Instant Video service. These include prior seasons of Parks and Recreation, Parenthood, Friday Night Lights, Heroes, Battlestar Galactica and other TV shows produced by NBC. This is obviously a most welcome treat if you’re an Amazon Kindle Fire owner who is fond of streaming movies and TV episodes on your beloved Amazon tablet and other devices which are compatible with Prime Instant Video, including the iPad Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and Roku. Naturally, if you’re not yet a Prime Instant Video subscriber, this might convince you to do so as soon as possible. For those of you who are already subscribers of Prime Instant Video, simply hit the Via link below to start watching your favorite TV shows. And for those who are planning to subscribe, be reminded that you can avail of the free one-month trial subscription to the service.

Via [Amazon] and [Prime Instant Video]

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